El Candil

The international flamenco group el Candil, founded by La Maya, coreographer and soloist dancer, has gained its reputation through many performances all over Switzerland and abroad. Its components live the pure traditional flamenco with all of its characteristics: dance, singing (cante Jondo), guitar , hand clapping (palmas) and percussion.
Thanks to La Maya’s collaboration with the great artist Josele Heredia, who belongs to a dynasty that has generated most important cantaores and guitarristas ever since, el Candil creates the successful productions Buscando, Esencias de Flamenco , Gran Noche Flamenca .

el Candil covers flamenco from the very traditional way to various thematical interpretations. Without ever losing its roots in pure flamenco, el Candil opens up to other cultures. The intercommunication with artists from Morocco and Kurdish Anatolia brings Mediterráneo and Libre como el aire to life on stage throughout Switzerland. The production de tránsito tells the historical development of flamenco and its dance in a very poetical way. The recent program adelante is a wonderful fusion by great flamenco music and fragments by the French composer Eric Satie, giving stage to the sophisticated coreographies by La Maya.

Many great artists have been with el Candil : El Niño Josele, Josele Heredia, José Torres, el Pescaíto, La Antonia, El Niño de la Manola, Angela Willimann, Samir Essahbi, Achmed Elomari, Enrique del Monte, Vladimiro Carcano, Azadi Turhan, Angapemage G. Persico, Cisco Portone, Lucas González, Silvina Alvarez.
Performances by el Candil assure very professional and authentic concerts given by a top level company.

El Candil is member of T.A.S.I and ktv-atp, atp and ARTISTS FOR THE WORLD www.artistsfortheworld.net