EL CANDIL small formation

EL CANDIL also presents itself in small formation with three artists:

La Maya
singing, castanets, rhythm, dance and choreography

Enrique del Monte
flamenco guitar

Vladimiro Carcano
flamenco and Spanish classical guitar

In this formation EL CANDIL proposes an essentially musical program, which makes the audience feel the very strong emotions evoked by the authenticity and strength of flamenco. The flamenco guitars, together with the passionate cante flamenco and the rhythms by palmas (hand clapping), castanets and cajón offer all the aspects of traditional and modern flamenco.
Of course the beautiful flamenco dancing and its frenetic taconeos (foot percussion) may be added to the program.
Duration and structure of the show is adaptable as desired.
There could also be added a percussionist.

EL CANDIL offers also a complete show with the participation of students of the dance school FLAMENCO LA MAYA, named MUY FLAMENCO CON EL CANDIL